Handheld Explosives Trace Detector

SSBI handheld detector provides an accurate IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) Based handheld explosives Trace detector, a professional manufacturer of advanced Security products. It has played an important part in preventing the bomb Attack all Over the world. Portable 3.3kg with the battery makes it easy for portable use. Two four hour batteries are supplied to ensure its endurance ability when Emergency happens. It will give a rapid, real time and on site detection and identification of the explosives present. Ease of use it can be operated without the need for specialist knowledge from operators. When sampling paper is inserting into the analysis slot, it will detect automatically without pressing any buttons. 3.5'' touch screen also makes operations pretty easy.

Sensitive and fast response

The sensitivity of this up to nanogram (10-9) level and pictogram (10-12) level. It will distinguish the suspect substances in less than 10 seconds. Truncated alarm and automatic internal cleaning will raise efficiency of security check during rush hour at the airports, railway stations, etc.