Unique Application AGVs

"Autonomous automatic guided vehicle" is an automated guided vehicle equipped with an autonomous controller that does not require traveling guides. "Autonomous automatic guided vehicle" is a next-generation automatic guided vehicle that determines its travel route by calculating its current position using a position estimation function.
  • AGV is a battery operated mobile platform with intelligence for autonomous navigation and material transfer within its area of operation.
  • AGV increase efficiency and reduce costs by helping to automate a manufacturing facility or warehouse.
  • AGV can carry loads or tow objects behind them in trailers. The trailers can be used to move raw materials or finished product. The AGV can also store objects on a bed. some AGVs use fork lifts to lift objects for storage. AGVs are employed in nearly every industry, including, paper, metals, newspaper and general manufacturing.
Next Generation "AGV"
  • N-G AGV are computer controlled vehicles with on-board PLC Based System.
  • Position feedback system to correct path.
  • Communication between vehicles via system controller
    - RF communication
    - Electric signals
  • System management computers
  • Optimising the AGV utilisation
  • Tracking the material in transfer and directing the AGV traffic.
Why consider AGV?
  • Reduces the labor cost.
  • Flexible.
  • Intelligent.
  • Time consuming.
  • Can significantly reduce production & warehouse costs.
  • Transforming the materials handling industry.
  • Easily Transform Hazardous material without human effect.
Advantages of AGV
  • Unobstructed movement
  • Flexibility :
    - Locations, path, P/D points can be reprogrammed
    - Easy to change guide path system
    - Number of vehicles can be altered depending on requirement
  • Greater reliability:
    - Less environmental problems
    - AGV can be replaced by another, in case of failure.
  • Lower investment
  • Higher operating savings on long
    - Minimal labor cost
    - Easy maintenance
  • Easy to interface with other systems
    - Best choice for Automated storage and retrieval system
    - Flexible Manufacturing systems
    - Computer Numerical control (CNC)
    - Process Control Equipment
    - Shop Floor control system
  • Automatic Loading and unloading
Types of AGV: