Vehicle Monitoring System

Vehicle Portal Radiation Monitor: Portal radiation monitors are considered to be the first measure to prevent the illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials. These monitors are designed for the monitoring of the pedestrians, trucks, cars, trains, etc.

The monitors are equipped with gamma and neutron detectors, video monitoring system, pager and computer communication system responsible for radiation monitoring. These features make it possible to detect even the smallest ionizing radiation sources as well as keep records of all events related to the sources trafficked across any controlled area.

The monitor can have variable number of detectors to meet customer requirements for sensitivity, height and width of the monitoring area. Such design enables the operator to set up a monitor configuration customized to the specifics of the installation site, enabling the range of possible applications from small pedestrian monitors to huge, highly-sensitive railway monitors.

  • Automated: monitors operate seamlessly without the need for "supervising" HP personnel
  • Fast: A single pass-through is adequate to completely check a large vehicle.
  • Centralized remote diagnostics and monitoring of the radiation portal monitor;
  • Increased efficiency of Customs and Border Protection Services working in a radiation monitoring of the area;
  • Sensitive: Materials located well within the interior of a large vehicle are detectable.
  • Gathering and analysis of the information about the functionality and performance of the radiation control equipment;
  • Convenient: measurements are logged for later retrieval, maintenance and calibration is quick and easy, configurations can be automatically loaded for easy replication.
  • Self-diagnostic: monitors continually check themselves for detector damage, power issues, background fluctuations, etc.
Whole Body Portal Monitoring System:
SSBI proposes the complete scope of instrumentation required for Walk through Type Portal Monitoring System, also known as Fast Walk through Type Whole Body Counting System. The system will be provided fully tested at the factory. All displays are in English language. Included with the system is complete documentation, including operations and maintenance manual, system drawings, and test reports. The system is provided qualified to IS and IEC codes and standards. Our Walk through Type Portal Monitoring System is based on NaI based spectroscopy along with MCA.

The use of radioactive materials can cause radioactive contamination spots in buildings and working areas. An important task of Health Physics is to prevent spread of contamination to other work areas, in particular out of controlled areas. Contamination itself can be carried by workers on their clothes, tools and even on their bodies. Personal body monitors mainly concerns the checking of people before they enter or leave an area, building or site. Their typical deployment is at the boundaries between controlled and clean areas.

- Advanced Design with Optimum Space utilization and Quick turnaround for screening
- Ease of Operation
- State of the art Software with Reporting capabilities
System Major Components
  • DETECTION : 3” x 5” x 16” or 4” x 4” x 16” NaI Detectors (2 number) with PMT & MCA
  • SHIELDING : Low background Shielding materials which includes virgin lead, virgin plastic, 60Co-free steel, and copper etc. so as to get the MDL for ;Co-60< 150 Bq ; Cs- 137 < 150 Bq in one minute counting.
  • SIGNAL PROCESSING: MCA/Digital / Spectrum acquisition.
  • APPLICATION SOFTWARE: software with Database for Data Acquisition and Reporting (Administrator /Supervisor / User Based Permissions)
  • CALIBRATION : Auto Calibration
  • High Voltage Power Supply
Main feature:
  • Stainless steel material, the surface wiredrawing processing.
  • Remote communication interface easy to centralized management for the system.
  • Good Environmental adaptability and stable and reliable performance.
  • Friendly software user interface, the software can directly display the contamination site.
  • Easy to maintain and operate, highly--‐automated.
  • Fast response time and alarm threshold can be set according to requirement.
  • Personnel positioning measurement, high sensitivity, intelligent check with voice guide, English interface.
  • Two operating modes: Pause--‐and--‐count, walkthrough.
Spectroscopy Software:
State of the Art software
  • Developed Using latest Industry Standards
  • Latest Programming platform & tools
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Spectrum display, Area analysis, Isotope library, Energy calibration
  • Efficiency calibration, Gaussian fit for single and multiple peaks
  • Interference correction for unresolved photo peaks, Weighted mean activity ,Decay corrected activity calculation.
  • Minimum detectable activity calculation, Reports edition, SQL or Access database, Automatic energy and resolution recalibration,
  • Summation of spectra and dose calculation due to gamma emitting radionuclides in the body including K-40.
  • To process data from one subject while counting another and automatically match the gains of the two Detectors,
  • allowing the spectra to be summed.
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Alarm Settings
  • Built in Quality Assurance
  • Background Correction
  • Results are saved in user defined format like .csv, excel, pdf and customized reports.