Continuous Air Monitor

Continuous Air Monitor Fixed Filter:

Continuous particulate air monitors have been used for years in nuclear facilities to assess airborne particulate radioactivity (APR). In more recent times they may also be used to monitor people in their homes for the presence of manmade radioactivity. These monitors can be used to trigger alarms, indicating to personnel that they should evacuate an area.

Our low profile fixed filter monitor designed to continuously collect and measure the quantity of radioactive beta particulates or gamma iodines in the sample stream. The system will monitor radioactive airborne levels in either working spaces, or via a process tubing connection to a remote stack, duct or other air space.

System Features:

  • System Skid Assembly, fully wired & plumbed.
  • Measurement of alpha and/or beta particulate.
  • Isotopic Check Source (optional).
  • Detachable head assembly for remote monitoring.
  • Preamplifiers/HV Supply.
  • Display and Control Units.
  • Fixed filter or moving filter configurations available.
  • Full alpha spectral analysis with unique radon-thoron peak fitting algorithm.
  • Beta Scintillation Detector or Gamma Scintillation Detector.

Continuous Air Monitor –Moving Tape Particulate Filter & Noble Gas:

Moving Particulate Filter Sampler is designed for use in radiation monitoring channels of air bearing radioactive particles. A continuous sample stream of the gas to be monitored is directed against a slowly moving strip of filter tape where the particles are trapped and their emissions monitored by an alpha, beta, or gamma detector. The filter tape is contained on a reel and is moved past the gas stream and detector. Finally, the spent filter tape is wound on another reel for disposal. Feelers and microswitches are positioned to detect torn filter tape, and a low or empty supply reel.

System Features:

  • Non-smearing tape drive.
  • Flat view area.
  • Automatic self-initialization & operation on power on.
  • Variable speed
  • Torn paper tape alarm.
  • Low paper tape alarm.

Alpha-Beta Moving Filter Aerosol Radiation Monitoring System

SSBI proposes to provide all equipment to continuously monitor the alpha-beta aerosol activity using a moving filter sampler design. The proposed alpha/beta aerosol monitor the sensor, display, software and electronics to use an SSBI model AS34M moving filter sampler for collection of airborne particles.

Optionally, SSBI can provide the software for remote display and control of multiple channels at a desktop PC. The software includes display of the acquired radiological data and meteorological data. The software is configured as a server-client arrangement and support web based browser access (Optional & under password protection). The proposed communications is via hardwired RS485 serial communications or Ethernet communications.
The AS34M sampler is provided for monitoring of particulate and/or iodine activity. A detector mount located within the shield provides a repeatable geometry for the detector as well as providing a pressure boundary. The AS34M sampler is an easy to use design that uses a moving filter sampler for collection of airborne radioactive particles and/or iodines.
The sampler accepts filter media in a roll form that can be either standard filter media for collection of particulate activity or charcoal impregnated media for collection of both particulate and iodine activity. The sampler is designed so that the detector, when installed within the sampler, is in close proximity to the deposited material for maximum sensitivity. The sampler is constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel used on wetted surfaces.