X-Ray Detectors for Synchrotron Applications

28 cm x 29 cm large CMOS
New compact x-ray system 15 x 10 cm
X ray detector offer outstanding performance for a wide range of synchrotron applications. With ample performance for all standard applications, the detector series makes Hybrid Photon Counting technology accessible to virtually any synchrotron beam line and budget. The detector series excels with frame rates up to 500 Hz and sub-millisecond readout times, enabling novel experimental strategies. Region of interest readout allows you to take advantage of highest frame rates with even the largest detector models.
We provide CMOS readout ASIC, on which all detector series are based, features instant retrigger. This technology enables non-paralyzable counting, enhanced high-rate-counting performance, reduced readout time and allows for highly accurate count-rate correction. Our instant retrigger technology overcomes the intrinsic count-rate limitations of previous photon-counting detectors. The detectors are the result of our endeavour in perfecting single-photon counting.
Superior data quality, fast data acquisition and versatile operation modes are among the key benefits of detector systems. Superior data quality is achieved through various unique features: the absence of readout noise and dark current, a sharp point-spread function, and a high dynamic range and counter depth of 20 bits (~1 million counts). Fast data acquisition is made possible through state-of-the-art CMOS ASICS and readout electronics. A simple yet versatile interface for triggering and gating the detector enables nanosecond-precise synchronization, making a wide range of operation modes accessible.