Hand Writing Analysis

Deception Detection using dynamic handwriting_MovAlyzeR

MovAlyzeR® movement analysis software turns a pen tablet or mouse into a high-quality system for measuring and interpreting movements by a pen, mouse or finger.
The MovAlyzeR® Suite includes MovAlyzeRx™, which has the simplest user interface for running movement tests. It also includes the Stimulus Editor™ companion program for accurately designing visual stimuli to print or display

MovAlyzer movement Analysis software measure many parameters like :-

  • Interactive Visual Stimuli and Targets
  • Substroke Movement Segmentation
  • Real-Time, Real-Size feedback
  • Distorted visual feedback
  • Interactive Audio-Visual Stimuli
  • Consistency Checking
  • Sub movement Analysis
  • Optically Scanned Images
  • External Applications
  • Bimanual Movements
  • Line Thickness Variation
  • Simulation
  • Animated Stimuli
  • Knowledge of Results
  • Multi-page recordings
  • Image to Movement