ELK-1888 Tac4G | 4G Cellular Tactical Network


Tac4G (ELK-1888) is a high bandwidth, LTE based, secure, immune and autonomous tactical communication network designed for military, public safety, first responders and HLS missions. The Tac4G operates on the On-The-Move (OTM), and can be deployed on various platforms – Man-pack, vehicular, airborne (fixed wing, helicopters, UAV, drones) and naval. Tac4G autonomous broadband communication is always available, enabling real time battle situational awareness and control management. This optimal combination connects multiple users, sensors and weapon systems into a unified broadband network enabling unparalleled battlefield communication.

  • Operating while 'On-The-Move'
  • Broadband connectivity with mesh networks.
  • Man-pack, vehicular, airborne and sea-borne OTM network options.
  • Spectral efficient.
  • Cell-Mesh connectivity – self-forming, self-healing.
  • Robust and redundant with no single point of failure.
  • Small, light-weight, ruggedized and energy efficient.
Technical Details:
  • Man-pack: Size – 6.7" H x 14" D x 10" W | Weight < 5Kg (excluding battery) | Transmit power – 2x1W | Power consumption < 35W
  • Vehicle mounted: Weight:5Kg /50kg | Transmit power: up to 20W (with external FE)/up to 90W | Power consumption < 160W (including FE)/1KW
  • Airborne: 2.2kg | Transmit power – 2x1W MIMO | Power consumption < 30W
  • Enabling real time Situational Awareness: upports broadband C4I capabilities for the tactical unit | Enabling multiple real time video streams, voice and data services | Enabling Tactical IoT (Internet of Things) – connecting users, sensors and weapons systems | Supporting user specific and off-the-shelf applications
  • Immune and Secure: Information security | EW Immunity | Cyber security
  • Independent while Interoperable with Other networks: Complete Network-In-a-Box LTE solution | Enables complete operational independency | Multiple IP based backhaul options | Use of commercial network infrastructure