Mobile Inspection Platform

A Mobile Inspection Platform that can host various sensor technologies for inspecting vehicles and cargo for threats such a radiation sources, chemical/biological sources, human smuggling, and weapons smuggling. Unlike stationary inspection systems, the Mobile Inspection Platform can be easily deployed to allow inspection of vehicles and/or cargo anywhere within the concept-of-operations area, allowing rapid re-deployment when mission requirement change or when a moving the threat source is impossible or potentially dangerous.
  • Straddle carrier structure for vehicle drive-through or the self-powered Mobile Inspection Platform can drive over a stationary vehicle.
  • The Mobile Inspection Platform open-architecture facilitates rapid adoption of nearly any sensing technology, including X-Ray, Hyper spectral, Chemical/Biological, and Radiation.
  • The Mobile Inspection Platform includes a license plate reader, a remote scanner to uniquely identify markings on the targeted vehicle, remote video for recording the entire inspection sequence, accept/reject notification, and external signage to prompt the operator of the vehicle targeted for inspection.
  • Electric drive propulsion and steering for maximum energy efficiency and minimal noise footprint.
  • In-cab controls and displays.
  • Wireless link to remote command station enables centralized/simultaneous monitoring of multiple systems.
  • Dual generators for independent operation of drive train and operational equipment.
  • On-board data storage for archival purposes.