Radiation Detection


This is Large laminate scintillator detector, with 100cm2 Background: α<0.1s-1, β<20s-1


It has Adjustable length, maximum 4m. Suitable for all α,β/γ detectors, with Weight only 1.5kg

High-sensitivity γ detector

This is 2"×2" NaI or BGO scintillator detector with Energy range: 30Kev~3Mev and Sensitivity: 1500cps/(μSv/h)<20s-1

Wide-rangeγ detector:

It is Double GM tube detector which has Energy range: 40Kev~3Mev and Dose rate range: 0.1μSv/h~1Sv/h

Neutron Detector

We provide 6LiI(Eu) Scintillator detector with Energy range: thermal neutron to 16 Mev Sensitivity: 1.0 cps/(μSv/h)

X ray and gamma dose rate detector:

We provide 76mm×76mm composite scintillator detector, which has Energy range: 20keV~7MeV, Dose rate range: 10nSv/h~100μSv/h and Sensitivity: ≥2000cps/ (μSv/h)@137Cs

Multi-functional Radiation Meter:

This radiation meter is a multi functional radiation meter; it is equipped with five intelligent probes for detecting α, β, γ, n pollution of environment or staffs. Integrating these excellent probes, can be applied in almost the whole radiation protection and measurement.

α,β Surface Contamination Meter:

This is a portable and rugged surface contamination detection instrument, whose detector is a thin plastic scintillator coated with ZnS. Based on the high sensitivity, lightweight, Ease of use, it has been widely used in law enforcement, emergency response, nuclear plants, customs, border patrol, Hospital etc